Welcome to Cerro da Azinheira!


This was an old traditional farm house made of Taipa (Rammed Earth) that was recovered using the old traditional materials.  The house has 1 suite, 1 double room and a twin bedroom, living-room/dining-room and a bathroom, all of them using white as the main colour in order to enlighten the atmosphere.

On the outside, when the weather is good, there is an opened water tank, under the “Freixo” (Ash tree) which allows us to cool down.

The decoration is a mixture of local antique objects and other artistic items that give the spot a soul.

We tried to make the house genuine, we hope you enjoy it!
There is access to a private stream where picnics and walks
are wonderfully refreshing.




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Montes da Ronha

Mid Season

Stream House from 150€

HIGH Season

Stream House from 200€


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Cerro da Azinheira | Saboia | São Teotónio

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